Trang chủ 15 Cloffice Ideas for WFH How to Make a Cloffice

15 Cloffice Ideas for WFH How to Make a Cloffice

One of the first things to do before turning a closet into an office at home is to measure the space you have. Learn how to turn a spare closet into a super-organized home office. This project keep schoolwork and office supplies contained. Here’s our guide on the best paint colors under fluorescent lighting. Follow it to learn some interesting painting tips. You have literally converted a closet into an office.

Get a chalkboard and install it as the base of your office storage. The process is identical to the one you saw here. Finally, secure the nails in place through strong adhesive or glue. Now, bring another wood piece and drill some holes using the same measurement.

Build the Wall Shelf Cabinets

The common thread running through all these variations is, simply put, good design. When you have limited room, making your workspace as user-friendly as it can be is the secret to success. You may need to install your desktop first if the upper shelves will prevent you from getting the desktop into place. Because I may want to restore this closet to its original configuration someday, I didn’t use adhesive. Trim screws at each alcove end and one in the center are all I needed to secure everything in place. In case I ever need to remove the desk, I skipped the glue here.

If you have to ditch the headboard, pick up some bed legs (like these from Ikea; $20). Sand the edges of the tool well to match the interior beams. Install drawer slides in the cutouts on the front of the desk. This tutorial links you to another tutorial that shows you how to install an outlet.

Violet Closet-to-Desk Conversion

If you have all the necessary tools like a nail gun, miter saw, circular saw, and wood logs, you are more than welcome to build the brackets and frames. I then ran the wire around the shelf edge and secured it using the included clips. Where you run the wire will depend on the location of the outlets.

convert closet to desk

“Your work surface defines your space and should support the tasks that you need to get done,” explains Whitney Marx, CEO at MarxModa. Look at height, length, and depth before determining closet to office conversion what kind of furniture you’ll include. You will be fine by following the tricks we mentioned here. But we highly believe in customization when it comes to decorating a home office.

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