Trang chủ Bittrex Global Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of bittrex-global com

Bittrex Global Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of bittrex-global com

bittrex review

You can withdraw money directly from your Bittrex to your bank account. We believe that Bittrex support service is reliable, especially when contacted on platforms including Twitter, Slack, and Facebook. You can access its main support page via Zendesk, where you get to submit a ticket or engage a chatbot called Trexie. There is also a help centre that allows you to get answers to commonly asked questions. The process has drawn sharp criticism from the owners of the frozen accounts, who have taken to web forums to air their grievances online.

For they are the gateway for many of us into the cryptosphere. Bittrex is about as far away from the Wild West of cryptocurrency as it’s possible to be! As I mentioned earlier, it’s all about finding the right balance. It just needs a little work on user access and dealing with feedback faster. On a crypto-to-crypto trading exchange, you can only trade in cryptocurrencies. This means you can’t buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies.

Is Bittrex Safe?

In addition, the charting features are powered by TradingView, one of the best crypto charting sites in the industry. As such, Bittrex is an excellent platform for technical traders needing to plot complex strategies. Bittrex has recently unveiled its staking services, which allow users of the exchange to earn rewards on their crypto holdings.

But based on the reports, Bittrex’s customer service needs work. An exchange that checks all the boxes in terms of features, with lots of crypto trading options, advanced tools, and educational content. Beginners may find it has a bit of a learning curve, and the customer support could be better.

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Nevertheless, the most significant changes have occurred in Bittrex’s user interface. Besides speed and efficiency, security is Bittrex’s most defining feature. The platform employs an “elastic, multi-stage wallet strategy,” which guides their secure coins movements from cold to hot wallets.

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While a 0.25% fee per trade might be a little bit higher when compared to some other exchanges (i.e. Binance), the fee is fixed. This makes transaction spendings much more organized and easily calculated, especially for new traders. Since Bittrex is US-based with its main headquarters in Seattle, it is up to date with American laws and continually follows them.

bittrex review

The insurance is a nice perk, giving Bittrex users some more peace of mind in the event that the security of the exchange’s cold wallets was compromised. Bittrex currently allows you to deposit and trade over 250 cryptocurrencies. You can use the search bar to find the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit. Poloniex has a very large number of users complaining about poor customer support. Across forums and message boards, you’ll find many users claiming to have not gotten a response in weeks or even months from their support. This has also been the experience of some Coin Central staff and friends of staff as well.

Users from these 2 regions simply cannot see any leverage trading options, so there’s no workaround. If you are looking to leverage trade, then you could be left a little disappointed at Bittrex, depending bittrex review on where you live. So do the math before you opt to take profits as you will have to wait a little longer to cover the fees. Bittrex’s fees are neither high or low, which is both good and bad.

  • Besides giving you a brief overview, you will also understand Bittrex fees, supported assets, security, and more.
  • However, it means that you are limited if you want to trade in larger amounts.
  • In short, the more you trade, the less you pay, though you’ll have to trade tens of thousands of dollars worth of crypto per month to qualify.
  • Bittrex places a heavy emphasis on security, and it ranks among the top crypto exchanges in that regard.
  • Bittrex is particularly notable for being an United States-based exchange that lists a very large selection of cryptocurrencies compared to its US-based counterparts.
  • Bittrex receives negative feedback overall from its users, and it has an average rating of 1.3 out of five stars across over 490 Trustpilot reviews.

While the Bittrex fees are simple to understand and relatively low, they do not encourage traders to provide liquidity by being market makers. This means that some other exchanges could have lower fees than Bittrex when traders provide facilitate this type of liquidity. While the flat rate fee is easy to understand, it is disadvantageous for those users who trade large amounts of volume and can be a market maker. The “maker-taker” model is something that other exchanges such as BitMEX use. One of the most important questions that any cryptocurrency trader can ask is whether an exchange is safe and secure.

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